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At C.A.S.T. The customer comes needs come first

Established in 1990

Starting out with just an idea to help people out with their computer needs C.A.S.T. found a niche market in the Windsor area.

With a drafting, detailing, sales & customer service background, the progression to starting C.A.S.T. was just a matter of time.

Progressing from company to company to improve the processing of their information. C.A.S.T. found that most companies had very little exposure to the world markets, and lacked real promotional documentation

Some companies are taking to the Internet in a huge way and paying big money to buy a large production for advertising on the Internet, only to find a real lack of results in sales and promotion of their business.

Others went to add their name to a listing of business on a general directory web site with no REAL information. This is no better than a white page listing in the phone book.

Most of the web site companies in the Windsor area expect you to come to them and you to give them the information you want displayed. This is a good concept BUT do you have all the free time to design what you want.

Your TIME is MONEY! Our company comes to your business. We take the pictures that you want displayed, obtain a copy of your products and or services and create the pages / categories to make your web site effective.

We show you your web site at your location, with a laptop that we bring. Any lite modifications can be done on the spot.

We get your web site up fast! With a $50.00 down payment your web address, hosting and first 2 pages can be online in a matter of days. Getting information to your customers right away. Location, hours, storefront, interactive map.

Today's society likes to view flashy animated web sites BUT few have the time and patience to wait for those publications to load up. An average consumer will wait 10-20 seconds the information to load up. This time is crucial to hold your potential waiting customers. Access is slowly changing from dial-up to high speed DSL & Cable connections, this wait time is being reduced to 5-10 seconds. If your web site takes longer to load you have lost this customer. It has also been noted that most consumers want to see REAL numbers. Having a web site with no pictures of actual product, services, prices or even staff is pointless. The Internet is a real advertising tool. The informed shopper will visit your web site to get informed about your products and services. Then give you a call, e-mail and finally visit your business to make a purchase.